Apparently I can do headshots too!

Hey everyone, 

the other day my beautiful wife asked me If I could redo her headshots. She was pretty disapointed with the ones she got from another photographer and she thought I could do a better job. I was very flattered... and a bit intimidated at first, after all I am more specilized in landscapes/architecture and action photography. I am really not used to give someone directions, but i figured I could give it a try. 

As it turns out it was good fun! The idea behind these shots was to get something pretty natural to reflect the way Charlotte is in person. 

I think we made a good team on that shoot:

We used our backyard patio for the shoot, Charlotte was in the shadow of the sun umbrella and the sky was pretty grey that day which is pretty unusual for Southern California. I climbed up high on a stool to take these picture with my Sony 18-200 and NEX-6 camera, I used the widest aperture my lense could give me and zommed it to about 130mm.

I hope my wife enjoys these portraits, one of them is already my desktop wallpaper :) and you whch one do you like best?