15 ways to make money with photography

Hello everyone,

In this article you can find the slide I mentionned in "My Unemployed Life" episode 05, 15 ways to make money with photography.


You can download it for free


and use it as a reminder. I know I'll print it and put it on the wall in my office so I can look at it every day!



Wow it's been a while!

Hi everybody,

it has indeed been a while since I last posted something here. I'm having trouble keeping things up to date. In the last few months so much has happened. My wife and I moved back from LA to France, we now live in the beuatiful city of Bordeaux. I haven't touched my camera since the move but I'm confident I'll be able o get some cool shots here too.

In the meantime I've updated quite massively the website to add the best pictures from our trips to Japan and Hawaii.

I also added a drawings gallery where I'll put some of y doodles as well as my most accomplished pieces. I still need to get some images back from the hard disks that are on the way (on a boat somewhere) but there's a start.

Finally I'm working on a video tutorial about photography. I'll be sharing some tips and tricks (in french though) for beginners very soon. Stay tuned.


The stuff you have to shoot before you go

Hey guys,

it's been a while since my last post. I am still trying to figure out what this blog is going to be about. Photography is such a vast domain, between reviews, selling prints, teaching there are so many possibilities and I am still unsure of where I will go for me.

So today is going to be a simple article to share a photo I liked.  My wife and I will be moving out of LA in a month, so I decided to cross classic photos of LA of my list. I headed downtown with my friend Eric who is starting his journey in photography and we too some nice long exposures at night near the Walt Disney Concert Hall. 

Here is one of the shots from yesterday.

It was really nice to be out and I got to teach Eric stuff in the field which was really cool. I hope he learned a lot, I know I really liked sharing my passion with him.

Have a great rest of the week




More from Malibu

Hi everyone,

Be prepared to see a bunch of sunset photos, last week end was so amazing in Malibu. Colors were changing every 5 minutes in the sky and the possibilities were endless.

Here is another shot I took on sunday while at the beach.

It was a little earlier than the previous one which makes for a more pink and moody look. I love it!

What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below or on Fb!