Wow it's been a while!

Hi everybody,

it has indeed been a while since I last posted something here. I'm having trouble keeping things up to date. In the last few months so much has happened. My wife and I moved back from LA to France, we now live in the beuatiful city of Bordeaux. I haven't touched my camera since the move but I'm confident I'll be able o get some cool shots here too.

In the meantime I've updated quite massively the website to add the best pictures from our trips to Japan and Hawaii.

I also added a drawings gallery where I'll put some of y doodles as well as my most accomplished pieces. I still need to get some images back from the hard disks that are on the way (on a boat somewhere) but there's a start.

Finally I'm working on a video tutorial about photography. I'll be sharing some tips and tricks (in french though) for beginners very soon. Stay tuned.