What finally decided me?

Hey guys,

So here it is... my brand new photography website.. this is it... I am spreading my own wings and putting myself out there selling my "art".

But why on earth would I start doing that?  

photography jeremy.jpg

The first answer that comes to mind is of course: money. Well let me reassure you, money is not the reason I chose to start this website. I have a full time job as a Product Manager for a software company that brings the day to day money and photography is really a passion for me. Yes, bringing a bit of gold home to pay for the gear would be nice but it's really not the point here. 

I've been reading a lot of articles, taking online classes and spending a lot of time practicing photography for the past 3 to 4 years now. I am at a stage where I want my photos to impact more people than just myself and my family. It's a matter of leaving a trace, creating something with my own hands and being proud of it. 

I am turning 27 today, and I realized that most of the people I admire and who stirred me in the direction I am taking already accomplished so much at that age.  Up to now, my photos were something I kept for myself but thanks to my beautiful wife who has been very supportive and believed in me I am taking my first step as a "professional" photographer.

I put "professional" betwen quotes because I am just starting, if photography becomes my main job someday (maybe one day who knows...)  I will take the quotes of!

For a long time I thought: "You cannot be a professional photographer with the gear you have, it's ridiculous!" But a few months ago I decided to go for an even more "unprofessional" camera, the Sony NEX-6 (more on that in a later article), and then I found out that world famous photographer Trey Ratcliff made the same decision (you can read all about it here) . That was kind of the spark for me, maybe it's not about the gear after all, maybe my photos ARE good enough to be out there. Actually there is only one way to find out, I have to try!