Leaving handicap aside

Hola amigos,

I've been experimenting more with flashes and studio photography lately, I had the opportunity to shoot for the Cabaret Versatile campaign for breast cancer detection as well as for the beautiful Lola Ohlala. We worked on updating her model portfolio over the week end and you'll soon get to see the results of the shoot.

But all that playing around with lights made me want to try new things, and it's kinda hard to experiment on people when they are expecting you to deliver something good right away. So I decided to work on myself. I figured, "heck I know what i want to try, and if i can make it look good on me then it will be easy to do it on anyone after that".

So I will be having fun with self portrait from time to time here on the blog.

I am calling this first entry "leaving handicap aside".


I am usually shy about showing my hand or my leg on pictures but it's a bit concealed and after all it is a part of me. The malformations, the judgement of others, the pain, the tears and the fighting made me who I am today. I've been using that to grow and focus on what is really important in my life.It's only natural that it ends up on one of my photos.

Have a good week!