I am a cameraless photographer... hopefully not for too long!

Hey everyone,

You know how sometimes things fall in place perfectly, well this story is about one of those cases.

I use goofbid (more on that later) to track good deals on ebay and used their (free) service to win an auction for a brand new Sony A7.


I had an amazing price so when I saw I wont it I decided to go for it. This is going to be my first full frame camera, and I am really excited to see what I will be able to capture with this baby.

That's meant that I had to speed up the selling of my other camera, the NEX-6. Luckily a gentlemen bought it this week almost as soon as I reposted it on craigslist! He even took a few lenses with the package.

On top of that, I just got an email from ebay telling me that the A7 shipped today, now that's what I call good timing!

Now it is time for me to shop for new lenses as well, I already have my eyes on 2 really good ones that happen to be pretty cheap so come back soon to check out the results. In the mean time I'll be using the kit lens that will come with the A7 as well as my trusty manual lenses that I love so much: the 55mm f1.2 and the 135mm f2.8.

Looking forward to take the new gear out.