Another cool headshot for a friend

Hi everyone,

It looks like headshots might become a real thing for me now. A friend of mine needed a new one for a role he is trying to get and so we setup a time early his week to shoot.

This was a good occasion for me to test out the Sony A7 in real conditions as well as practise my skills in lighting.

Now, I am not someone who shoots a lot, for example this photoshoot was only 38 shots. Out of it, my friend picked 10 (hey 1/3 ratio is not too bad!)  that he liked and one that was the clear winner.

From then a bit of post processing and here is the result:

Headshots Steven May 2014_001.jpg

I used my trusty Vivitar 135mm f2.8 for this shot. I had one main light at full power on his right side and a second light for filling the shadows at 1/5 of the power.

The great thing about shooting men is that retouching in generally easier than with women. The skin texture is expected to be rougher and veins actually give character to the person.

All in all a good experience for me, I am really happy with the results and the A7 did the job perfectly. It looks like I will have to add a new section for headshots in my portfolio.

Don't hesitate to shoot me a comment if you need to update your profile or resume picture as well!