Movie poster time!

Hey guys,

after working on it for a while I am finally able to let your have a look at my latest project.

My friend Steven, is a talented writer and asked me to shoot him (he is also a pretty handsome and muscular dude) as a gladiator.

I'll post soon a video explaining how i put the whole thing together because I think it could be interesting to share the story, but in the meantime here is the final result (as usual click on it to see it full screen)

Let me know your thoughts, I would really like to see this one in theathers some day ;)


Another point of view from Malibu

Hey everyone,

today I want to share a little tip for when you are taking pictures on location:

If the location is nice (and that's often the case when you travel) then KEEP SHOOTING.

Last week I posted this photo of a sunset in Malibu

When I saw it on the back of my camera I could just have stopped there and thing "Yep, I got it"

But I stayed a little bit longer, I moved and kept shooting for a while. And finally I got this one:

It's a slightly different angle, the rocks textures are a little bit greener. Overall a different shot; same spirit but a bit of a variation... and in the end, I like both.

So trust me when taking photos, take your time and keep shooting.

And you, which one do you like best?


An expensive photo... totally worth it!

Hi guys,

yesterday evening I decided to not let my lazy self control me. I took my motorcycle and I went to Point Dume (Malibu) to photograph the sunset. It's about 40 miles from my place, so it was quite a long ride.

In many ways I am glad i did it, I got to ride my bike in a very nice canyon which is always cool. I got to spend some time outside at the beach and I got some neat photos (despite the sunset not being amazing that day)

Only downside, I got a ticket for parking on the side of the road :(

But I think it was worth it, check this out: (click on the picture to view it big)

So I'll definitely do it again, and I'll try to park somewhere else next time