Shooting the Cabaret Versatile at Federal Bar in Noho

Hi everybody,

what a busy week end it was! I was lucky enough to spend the day at a beautiful location for a photoshoot this saturday.

The Federal Bar in North Hollywood let me and the Cabaret Versatile girls (and guys!) use their rooms for a photoshoot. I was in charge of capturing the awesomeness of the troup which was pretty easy given the talent these guys have. Between acrobats, stilts and beautiful girls I could not have come back without a few keepers.

It's funny that I actually was not too much into studio shoots but more into landscapes and animals, but in the end I think we pulled it of.

For the setup I used 2 continuous lights with 24x36 softboxes and a third smaller one that I build myself (more on that later). We moved the liths quite a bit during the shoot, but overall it was pretty easy to get what I wanted. Most of the shots were taken with my Sony NEX-6 (which I am selling, see here), I used the sigma 19mm f2.8 and the sigma 30mm f2.8 for most of the shots.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from that day.

I have a lot of new exiting stuff coming up, I'll be shooting headshots for a few friends and I'll soon post a little DIY tutorial to build your own softbox for less than 10$!

Stay tuned