The 10$ softbox

Hey guys,

today I thought I was going to share a little DIY i made to prepare for the photoshoot with the Cabaret Versatile last week end.

I am going to try to teach you how to build a softbox for less than 10$.

Hdere we go, first of all I early had the lamp socket. I bought 2 used softboxes from a friend a while back, and he gave me a spare head like this one. Only problem, I did not have any modifiers for it. So I decided to build my own. Because I already had 2 big softboxes I went for a small, more transportable one.

I had a spare head like this.

I went to home depot and found this really cool plant pot in the gardening section

I simply had to cut a hole in it to make the head fit inside, I use the light head to trace a circle of the same diameter at the back of the pot and cut it with cisors.


I then hot glued some aluminium fold on the inside of the pot (for reflection)

To finish it I used a piece of white fabric that i cut a bit larger than the size of the pot, I put Velcro on the fabric and the side of the pot. (hot glued and stapled on the pot and a sewed the other half on the fabric) 

I use economical 5000K bulbs inside, it takes a bit of time to warm up but the results are pretty cool. 


And there you go, the most expensive part of this tutorial was the pot that i found for $8 at home depot. I tested it on the field and the lights from it looks great.  It is a very cool portable complement to my 2 other softboxes.

Hope you enjoyed!